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Homeopathy is a safe and effective vibrational medicine, used to treat a variety of ailments on the physical, etheric, astral and spiritual levels.

The principles of homeopathy are:


Like-treats-like ie. a homeopathic remedy made from a substance that provokes a certain reaction is used to treat someone who is sick or unwell showing similar symptoms. Such as a bee sting is assisted with homeopathic Apis (bee).



Hering’s Law of Cure:

  • healing occurs from the inside outwards towards the skin

  • symptoms move from the top of the body downwards

  • healing occurs in chronological order/in reverse order as the symptoms have appeared, or been suppressed


...Homeopathic remedies are made of substances, such as a mineral or plant etc being diluted and succussed. Depending on the level of dilution and succussion different potencies are made. The vibration is then stored on a sugar pill or lactose tablet.

These are simply placed on the patient's tongue and the vibration is released into their body allowing the remedy to do its work. It is often very individual how a patient will respond to a remedy as we are all different and have different levels of energy or vital force and different histories, constitutions and ancestral heritage etc.


Arnica (Montana) is a well-known remedy found in most pharmacies and is often used in homeopathic form or as a cream to treat bruises. Arnica is a plant growing in alpine regions, that once diluted and succussed multiple times is used in its vibrational form to treat bruising, shock and injury after an accident or surgery. It's also a well known heart remedy.

Homeopathy is fascinating! To read more about it click here


- Homeopathy encapsulates the spirit of sustainable healthcare. Click here to watch this short video.

In-person homeopathic consultations: last between 60-75 minutes and cost £75 with remedies related to the session included in the price. A herbal tincture, if needed, is an additional £10.

Additional or ad-hoc remedies cost £5 each.

Additional or ad-hoc tinctures cost £10 each.

Postage + packaging will be added if required. 

Online consultations: last between 60-75 minutes and cost £90 including remedies. This price covers postage and packaging. If a tincture is required an additional £15 will be charged.

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