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Astrology is an ancient science/art which has been used by many cultures in different ways throughout history in order to better navigate life on earth. By understanding the celestial rhythms and movements our own lives can be understood at a deeper, more profound level. Astrology is now a very useful, healing and helpful tool to understand ourselves and the times in which we are living.

The planets were known by the ancients as 'the wanderers'.  As they rhythmically orbit within our solar system they reflect the sun's light back to us against the backdrop of the fixed star constellations. Many of us experience the awe of a clear night's sky, it helps us transcend and expands our consciousness to the rest of our galaxy and the universe beyond!


The movement of the planets and their energy affect all life on earth - including the growth of plants (astro botany), the Moon rules the tides and mythology in different cultures connects the planets to the pantheons of Gods and has helped us make sense of the human psyche and human evolution. The solstice, equinox and eclipses cycles have long been predicted by astronomical techniques across the planet.

The sky is filled with constellations, many of which we know ie. Ursa Major (The Great Bear), Cygnus (The Swan), Aquilla (The Eagle), Andromeda, Perseus, Draco, Pegasus, Lyra, name but a few. On the path of the Sun's orbit around the earth - known as 'the ecliptic' lie the 12 Zodiac signs - Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. As the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto, as well as other celestial bodies move through the zodiac signs they make aspects with each other and it is the astrologer's job to interpret these movements and connections for the astrology client. This is done in a sensitive and empowering way.

Therefore, astrology helps us understand earthly events from a wider more celestial perspective. By looking at our individual birth/natal chart - we need our birth date, location and accurate birth time in order to calculate this - we can gain more clarity on our strengths and weaknesses, our talents and the challenges we might experience in life depending on where our planets lie in the chart, in which zodiac sign and in which astrological house etc. This can all be seen and read in our natal charts.


When we see where the planets are right now in their cycles in comparison to our natal charts a broader picture emerges which can assist us in decision making and in navigating our lives through it's ups and downs. By using astrology and its various techniques we are aided to understand ourselves and our relationships better and with the guidance of the planets we can feel more prepared and informed.

Often topics to be discussed include: life direction, relationships, career, health, house moves, children or more spiritual matters. Or simply understanding oneself better including habits, tendencies, choices etc. There is space to ask questions and discuss current issues during the consultation.

For more information about astrology click here

Chart readings available:

  • Natal chart readings to look at an individual's unique chart. Current astrological transits (and those for the next year or so) will also be looked at to see where/how the client might be feeling the impact of the planets in their lives. Themes in life can also be reviewed and questions can be asked on current issues as well as in one's life and chart in general.

  • Year Ahead readings: for those who have previously had a natal chart reading and would like to look at the year ahead (like an annual review). More frequent reviews are also possible if particular assistance is needed in a client's life - this is guided by a discussion between the client and myself, and how frequently the client would find having an astrological session beneficial.

  • Synastric/relationship chart readings where two people's natal charts are looked at together to see how the energy of the relationship is felt by each person. A 'composite chart' is also analysed to see/read the energy of the relationship itself. (A natal chart reading is encouraged before a relationship reading by at least one of the people requesting the reading). Permission is needed by both people in order to look at their charts. The synastry readings can be between current partners, possible partners, family members, parents and children etc.

Through all chart readings, precise predictions are not made as nothing is set in stone and we always have freedom in our actions and choices.

Consultations last approximately 90 minutes and can be conducted in-person or via Zoom.


Astrology consultation (Natal or Year Ahead): £120 (for one chart)

Synastry/relationship consultation: £150 (for two charts)

My fee reflects both the time spent on preparation and the session itself.

Concessions may be available - do ask.

If additional homeopathic remedies are required they are £5 each and herbal tinctures £10 each. A standard fee of £5 for postage + packaging will be added.

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